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Huawei opts for TIR to streamline GCC supply chains
Saudi Arabia | Riyadh

Huawei opts for TIR to streamline GCC supply chains

21 Mar 2023 · Prosperity

Huawei Group is now benefiting from faster, safer and more efficient road transport connectivity in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with the TIR system.

To effectively meet growing customer demand, notably for e-commerce, Huawei has turned to TIR to better serve its customers in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC region.

Huawei is now enjoying remarkable time savings while crossing borders with TIR, owing to the exceptional benefits that the TIR system provides to transport and logistics operations.

TIR trucks are crossing Saudi Arabia’s Batha border in less than three hours, enabling the timely and safe delivery of products across the region.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We are happy to see that TIR is speeding up operations for clients in different industries, improving their efficiency and security.

“TIR truly optimises the entire supply chain, allowing a group like Huawei to ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.”

“As a growing number of leading companies rely on TIR in the GCC, customs authorities are also demonstrating their trust in the system by prioritising secure TIR transport. We look forward to further anchoring our partnerships with both customs authorities and the private sector in the Middle East and beyond”, he added.

Huawei Dubai Supply Center Logistics Director Li Teng said, “We recently moved our trucks under the TIR banner through our logistics partner in the GCC region.

“Surprisingly, we avoided huge backlogs and congestion at the Batha border for our transit shipments, which otherwise would have taken multiple days under regular transport.”

“The commitment and dedication from the TIR team has been remarkable. We will continue to make TIR part of our regular operations,” he added.

TIR is operational across the GCC, cutting transport times between Jordan and the UAE via Saudi Arabia by 50%, over 70% between Oman and Saudi Arabia, and over 90% between Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

What is TIR?

TIR is the only global transit system. It enables goods to be shipped from a country of origin, through transit countries, to a country of destination, via a secure, multilateral, multimodal and mutually recognised system. TIR also provides a financial guarantee, managed by IRU, for the payment of suspended duties and taxes.