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EU Member States must keep vital road corridors open amidst protests
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EU Member States must keep vital road corridors open amidst protests

25 Jan 2024 · Prosperity

Current protests in France, as well as recent and possible new protests in other Member States, can endanger the free movement of goods, one of the fundamental principles of the EU, while jeopardising the security of drivers and their cargo. The European Commission must intervene to ensure the free movement of goods.

In a letter to Commissioner Thierry Breton, IRU has urged the European Commission to intervene and require affected Member States to keep vital trade corridors open and ensure the free movement of goods.

IRU EU Advocacy Director Raluca Marian said, “The situation along Europe’s vital trade corridors is deeply concerning.

“Road blockages and disruptions due to farmer protests risk causing knock-on delays in the delivery of goods, affecting supply chains for manufacturing, and threatening the availability of food, medicine and other essentials.”

“Moreover, given the significant lack of safe and secure truck parking areas in Europe, drivers have nowhere to go, putting their security at risk while they simply try to do their job and keep the EU economy running,” she added.

IRU calls on the European Commission to urge affected Member States to take instant preventive measures to facilitate the free movement of goods by allowing unimpeded access to key trade routes, to safeguard the well-being of drivers by guaranteeing sufficient security and adequate facilities, and to encourage Member States to provide transparent information on access to motorways.