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EU modal split and combined freight transport trends
EU | Brussels

EU freight transport modal split trends

17 May 2024 · Intelligence

Which EU countries have the highest volumes of imports and exports by road? Where are the busiest country-to-country corridors? Which transport modes are moving the most imports and exports inside the EU and between the EU and other countries? Are trends changing over time? How much road freight moves by combined transport – using more than one mode of transport – across the EU, and in individual countries? This Intelligence Briefing breaks down modal split and combined freight transport trends in the EU.

Goods transport is fundamental to all economies and communities. Every day, trucks, ships, trains and aeroplanes deliver food, medicine, and other goods to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Goods may use multiple modes of transport, particularly for longer journeys. This Intelligence Briefing details EU international trade volumes and values, analyses the distribution of trade flows by mode of transport, and examines combined freight transport performance.

This briefing also highlights the main EU corridors currently used by combined transport. The geographical focus of the briefing is the EU, but non-EU countries are included in the analysis to highlight transregional operations.

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