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eTIR welcomed by ECO heads of customs

20 Oct 2016 · Prosperity

Strong support for eTIR at ECO meeting in Tehran this week where heads of customs call for its continuation and expansion

The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), an intergovernmental organisation, whose secretariat is based in Tehran, approved the report of its sub-committee, praising the successful implementation of an eTIR pilot project between Iran and Turkey in cooperation with UNECE and IRU.

They acknowledged that the project will further facilitate trade and transport using the TIR system among all contracting parties, particularly in the ECO region, comprising; Islamic State of Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkey, Turkmenistan and Republic of Uzbekistan.

They also expressed their support of the full computerisation of TIR and called on TIR contracting parties, UNECE and IRU to continue with the implementation of pilots and the expansion of the eTIR system to all ECO countries. eTIR was also hailed as very efficient and the way forward for the integration of the region.

The meeting welcomed the accession of Pakistan to the TIR Convention in 2015 and called on all TIR stakeholders in Pakistan to work with IRU to deploy TIR efficiently. The Council appreciated efforts by IRU to help modernise border control systems and prevent contraband trade and smuggling.