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The Asian Journal highlights benefits of TIR for South Asia

6 Oct 2016

The Asian Journal – the journal of the Asian Institute on Transport Development (AITD) – devotes its new edition to road transport and transit facilitation.

Referring to the high cost of transport in South Asia which tends to range from 13-14 percent of the commodity value, the two articles, written by UNECE experts, outline how The TIR and Harmonization Conventions would facilitate road transport and transit, making trade in South Asia faster and less expensive.

“The TIR Convention and Benefits of Seamless Movement of Vehicles in the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Sub-Region“ by Ariadne Abel, highlights the importance of TIR in South Asia, particularly against the background of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) finalising protocols for implementing the Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA) signed in 2015.

 “Cross Border Transport Facilitation in the Context of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 70/197: Prospects for the TIR and the Harmonization Conventions”, written by Tarcísio Hardman Reis, concludes that intelligent borders – facilitated by the TIR system – are as important to economies as infrastructure, trade promotion mechanisms and incentives to industry.

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