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The only global body for road transport training

Skilled drivers & managers have fewer accidents, are more efficient, and help make the industry more economically and environmentally sustainable. With its comprehensive training programmes the IRU Academy helps differentiate workers in an increasingly competitive industry. Developed by key industry experts, our courses are available through different channels in many regions and many languages. The IRU Academy endorses policy efforts that focus on the industry workforce. It aims to make professional qualifications a key prerequisite of any quality transport system.

Training programmes

  • integrate best practice and comply with international industry standards
  • help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level and are designed by industry experts
  • guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy, and are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments
  • certificates and diplomas are endorsed by the IRU Academy's Advisory Committee (ADC) comprising key international partners in the road transport field, ensuring that training scope and strategy is aligned with the sector's priorities
  • comprise a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, offering participants the tools and techniques they can put to use in their day-to-day job
  • are run by a team of industry experts, highly skilled professionals with extensive real life experience
  • offer a flexible choice of venue, style, and language
  • are recognised by the UN to develop harmonised and internationally recognised standards for vocational training of road transport professionals
  • are recognised by ECMT Quality Charter, which sets IRU Academy training standards as a reference model, fully in line with professional qualification requirements

Who are training programmes for?

Ideally, all those working in the transport industry should have regular training. In particular, training is essential for employees at highest risk of injury or with the most challenging roles, new workers, and anyone who has not been trained recently and may be unaware of new regulations and best practices.

Success requires education. IRU Academy programmes create new skills giving drivers, managers and transport workers the opportunity to work safely according to international standards.

Mikheil Khmaladze, Director LTA, Georgia

Graduates - benefits and services

As an IRU Academy Graduate, you will be part of the IRU's international network. You will have exclusive access to valuable information, career and business partnership facilitation and many other benefits, which give you, nationally and internationally, a competitive advantage.

IRU Academy Certificates / Diplomas are internationally recognised qualifications which have strict security elements and their validity can be checked on-line. 
View your IRU Certificate / Diploma Now

Each certificate has a unique viewing code, printed centrally on the right side of the Certificate/Diploma. This viewing code can be communicated at the graduate's discretion to potential employers.

There is a private graduate web page on IRU Academy Online (AOL), where you can update your personal information to stay in touch and get notifications of recent changes, further training offers and various IRU Academy events. You can select your web-based life-long training achievements for display to potential employers, partners or clients. Your achievements are maintained across all ATI’s, countries and programmes.

Visit your page to

  • Update your personal web-based CV for display to potential employers, partners or clients.
  • Promote your IRU Academy qualification to potential employers and clients by providing them with your personal Graduate Viewing Codes, which are displayed on your IRU Academy Certificate/Diploma.

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