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Taxi Training Programme

Taxi Driver Programme

Tailor-made training for taxi professionals

Taxi drivers are on the road, all day, every day. The ’TAXIstars’ programme helps create a safer, better informed and more competitive community of professionals.

TAXIstars is an IT-based learning application for professional taxi-drivers, based on the needs of the labour market and which takes into account the rapidly changing working conditions for professional taxi-drivers.

Co-founded by the European Commission and building on a complementary consortium of expertise across Europe, TAXIStars enables to turn even brief downtimes in a taxi driver's work schedule into learning opportunities.

The course consists of 50 “bite-size” learning units each requiring about 5 minutes for completion. These learning units are grouped into 8 modules covering all essential taxi driver skills which are introduced through a variety of learning tools, which also encompass mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.


Training materials are tailor-made to the taxi community. The impact and success of the course is such that it holds the potential to be rolled out to stakeholders in other fields, to benefit wider and even more diverse professional driving communities.

TAXIstars trains the professional taxi community on topics such as:

  • Driver well-being

  • Ergonomics

  • Smart driving

  • Emergency management

  • Personal safety

  • Social interaction

  • Eco-friendliness

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Who is the course for?

Suitable for all taxi drivers, the course is particularly useful for companies wanting to introduce short, practical induction training for new recruits or retrain their existing workforce.

The course is available globally through the IRU Academy network of Associate Training Institutes.

Why train with the IRU Academy?

All IRU Academy training programmes:

  • Integrate best practice
  • Comply with international industry standards 
  • Help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level
  • Are designed by industry experts 
  • Guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy
  • Are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments