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Road Transport in Logistics

Road Transport in Logistics

Road Transport in Logistics

Globalisation is fuelling the demand for efficient logistics operations to ensure smooth supply chains. This puts growing pressure on road transport to deliver service excellence.

Logistics providers in most countries face a serious shortage of skilled employees. Those working in the sector need to keep up with the latest technological developments and opportunities but often miss formal training.

Many people looking for jobs do not know about the range of positions available within road transport and logistics. 

The IRU Academy Road Transport in Logistics course provides a basic understanding of the role of road transport within the supply chain and promotes careers in the industry. 

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at undergraduates and job seekers to encourage them to consider jobs in transport but is also geared to those already working in the industry who need greater insight into how logistics chains function.

The course is offered globally through the IRU Academy network of Associate Training Institutes.

What you will learn

  • Basics of logistics and supply chains
  • Pros and cons of different transport types
  • Basic finance and cash flow management
  • Costs of running a fleet
  • Health and safety in the supply chain

Course structure

Participants take part in real-life challenges through case studies and assignments. 

Modules include:

  • Supply chains
  • History of logistics and transport
  • Development of different transport modes
  • Importance of road transport
  • Road transport licensing
  • Trucks and loads
  • Truck operating costs
  • Road transport pricing
  • Best use of road transport
  • Finance and cash flow
  • Health and safety in the supply chain
  • Insurance in the supply chain
  • Jobs in logistics and inland transport

Participants receive the IRU Academy certificate of attendance when they have completed the course.

Why train with the IRU Academy?

All IRU Academy training programmes:

  • Integrate best practice
  • Comply with international industry standards
  • Help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level
  • Are designed by industry experts 
  • Guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy
  • Are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments