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How to become an ATI

How to become an ATI

The procedure to become an IRU Academy Associate Training Institute (ATI consists in verifying that your institution meets three main requirements). Then, the knowledge transfer can occur and be validated through our two-step process.

  • 1. Facilities and equipment
  • 2. Be accredited in a programme
  • 3. Qualified people
    • a. Train the trainer
    • b. Pilot

Facilities and equipment

First, the candidate institution needs to have appropriate facilities to deliver training, and the equipment required to support learning.

Criteria for facilities include the size of the venue, the type of building, the ease of access, the classrooms, and other specifications depending on the requested programme.

Types of equipment include access to computers with an internet connection, whiteboards, beamers, vehicles, simulators, etc.

Be accredited in a programme

The next step is to choose the IRU Academy Training Programme(s) your training centre aims to deliver.

Each programme has a list of different requirements regarding facilities, equipment and trainers.

Qualified People

Having a team of qualified instructors (minimum 3 per programme) is mandatory. In order to validate their credentials CV’s, diplomas, and work certificates will need to be required.

Train the trainer (Knowledge transfer)

In order to ensure IRU Academy standards are systematically maintained, we will organise a-train-the-trainer training (TTT). For this special training, a certified IRU instructor transfers the knowledge and standards to the ATI’s team over a few days through classroom learning and practical exercises where future instructors get real-world experience.

Note: In some circumstances, the TTT can be waived if equivalent professional qualification can be proven.

Pilot (Demonstration)

After a successful TTT, a final event called a Pilot is scheduled. At this point, TTT participants will have had time to study and practice what they learnt. During the Pilot, they will be assigned a topic and they will need to demonstrate their expertise and understanding.


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