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Eco Driving Programme



Unpredictable oil prices and regulations on carbon emissions are putting pressure on road haulage companies to reduce fuel consumption.

Increasingly customers and corporate clients are asking to see the environmental records of a company. If operators fail to become more efficient and environmentally responsible they risk losing business.

The IRU Academy Eco-driving course teaches drivers fuel efficiency techniques, emphasising road safety, economy and the environment. Eco-driving can increase fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

The course makes drivers aware of road conditions and the impact of their driving style on vehicle efficiency. It shows them how to drive ‘eco-efficiently’ without losing time. 

As the training is not specific to any vehicle or technology it can help reduce costs for all companies, even those with many different types of vehicle in their fleets: trucks, coaches, vans, taxis and so on.

Eco-driving benefits include:

  • Savings in fuel and fleet maintenance
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced risks and accidents
  • Improved driver performance and awareness

Eco-driving training supports key initiatives and regulations on safety, the environment and resource efficiency.

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for all commercial drivers at all levels of experience. It is offered globally through the IRU Academy network of Associate Training Institutes.

What you will learn

  • Optimum use of vehicle technology
  • Effects of driving behaviour 
  • Observation and anticipation techniques
  • Eco-driving principles, road safety and environmental impact
  • Monitoring and evaluation capabilities

Course structure

The Eco-driving course, best taken in one day, is followed by a period of driver performance monitoring using vehicles’ on-board technology and fleet management software. This allows driver behaviour to be measured objectively and its impact on fuel consumption analysed. Companies are encouraged to continue monitoring and communicating driver performance in the long term to ensure a lasting impact.

Participants receive the IRU Academy Eco-driving certificate when they have completed the course.

Why train with the IRU Academy?

All IRU Academy training programmes:

  • Integrate best practice
  • Comply with international industry standards 
  • Help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level
  • Are designed by industry experts 
  • Guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy
  • Are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments

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