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Tachograph Programme

Tachograph programme

Tachograph – Drive and Rest Time

Recent developments in international agreements and European regulations on driving and rest times are having a significant impact on road transport operations and logistics. Whilst new technologies such as digital tachographs play a key role in road safety and sustainable development, their correct use requires training.

The IRU Academy’s Tachograph course ensures that drivers and managers know how to properly use all features of a tachograph, from card use and data recording to printing and troubleshooting error messages, in full compliance with drive and rest time rules.

The course is in strict compliance with the European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR agreement) and applicable EU regulations.

Who is the course for?

The course can be taken by commercial drivers and managers at all levels of experience, particularly those working in countries under the AETR agreement. It is offered globally through the IRU Academy network of Associate Training Institutes.

What you will learn

  • Drive and rest times rules
  • How to use and manage a tachograph
  • Drive and rest time rules data management and reporting

Course structure

Training is given from the perspective of drivers, controllers and transport companies with simulations of tachographs being used under various conditions.

Participants receive the IRU Academy Tachograph certificate when they have completed the course.

Why train with the IRU Academy?

All IRU Academy training programmes:

  • Integrate best practice
  • Comply with international industry standards 
  • Help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level
  • Are designed by industry experts 
  • Guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy
  • Are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments