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With its comprehensive training programmes the IRU helps differentiate businesses and workers in an increasingly competitive industry.
A growing skills shortage in the transport and logistics industry needs to be addressed. Many of those working in the sector have not had the necessary training to perform their job effectively. In several regions the trucking industry faces a shortage of professional drivers which is having a direct impact on service delivery. This is exacerbated by the rising demands of web commerce and new goods delivery methods.

Training programmes

  • integrate best practice and comply with international industry standards
  • help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at a global level and are designed by industry experts
  • ensure the level of quality, consistency and accuracy
  • comprise a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, offering participants the tools and techniques they can put to use in their day-to-day jobs
  • are recognised by the UN to develop harmonised and internationally recognised standards for the vocational training of road transport professionals
  • are recognised by ECMT Quality Charter, which sets IRU training standards as a reference model, fully in line with professional qualification requirements

Who are training programmes for?

All those working in the transport industry should have regular training. In particular, training is essential for employees at the highest risk of injury or with the most challenging roles, new workers and anyone who has not been trained recently and may be unaware of the industry best practices.

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