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TIR goes live in Pakistan
Pakistan | Karachi

TIR goes live in Pakistan

19 Apr 2018

Transforming Pakistan’s trade and transit potential, the TIR system is now operational on the territory of Pakistan. 

Pakistan Customs Authorities and IRU’s national issuing and guaranteeing association PNC-ICC, are pleased to confirm the country is ready to launch its first TIR operations. 

Under the TIR system the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad trade corridor, which has the potential to link Pakistan to the markets of Iran, Central Asia, Turkey and eventually Europe, will be activated.

The first Pakistan-Iran transport operations were initiated in a memorandum of understanding signed between Pakistan, Iran and IRU. With Iran and Turkey having successfully completed digital TIR pilot operations and given Pakistan’s capabilities to use digital TIR tools, the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad corridor has strong potential to benefit from fully digital operations.

IRU’s Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, comments,
“The inclusion of Pakistan into the global TIR family is a highly significant moment for unlocking regional trade potential – but also underlines how the newest countries to join the TIR network are taking full advantage of the system’s digital capabilities at the outset.”

Next steps include the reactivation of ancient Silk Road trading routes, with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) seeing TIR operations over the coming months. Offering China and Eurasian countries direct access to the sea, this route also connects China with the Middle East and Africa. 

The use of the TIR system will streamline border procedures, cutting time and money for trade and transport operators. Customs procedures take place at origin and destination rather than at each frontier, using a single guarantee. 

Harmonised systems and data exchange tools mean that operators only need to submit their declaration data once for the entire transit movement. 

Pakistan is equipped to use TIR IT tools, which ensure that all actors have access to the data they require, as cargo details can be sent electronically to multiple border crossings, before the truck even arrives at departure and entry points. 

Tariq Rangoonwala, Chairman of Pakistan International Chamber of Commerce, says,
“The TIR system is now live in Pakistan – marking a milestone for our global trade capacity – and unleashing the potential for Pakistan to become a pivotal transit country linking China to the Middle East and Africa.”