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Sudan eyes TIR to spur growth

Sudan eyes TIR to spur growth

15 Aug 2017

Meetings in Khartoum put the focus on TIR as a means for Sudan to increase competitiveness as a transit hub, boost exports, generate jobs and expand economic activities.

With the recent addition of the Sudanese Union of Chambers of Commerce (SUCoC) to IRU’s membership and the official nomination by Sudan Customs of SUCoC as the guaranteeing and issuing association for the TIR system, the Republic of Sudan looks set to accede to the TIR Convention in the near future.

Sudan Customs and the Ministries of Transport and Trade, and International Cooperation expressed their shared support for TIR, the only global customs transit system. 

Sudan is strategically located as a transit country serving landlocked countries in Africa, notably the Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan. It also has strong trading ties with Egypt, which has likewise expressed interest in TIR.   

TIR would support the implementation of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement requirements on transit (Sudan is currently in discussion with the WTO regarding membership), and is in full compliance with the new Transit Guidelines set by the World Customs Organization. 

Sudan eyes TIR to spur growth
IRU's Rani Wehbe meets with Idriss Suleiman, Minister of International Cooperation, and Dr Yaseen Hmaida, SG of Sudanese Union of Chambers of Commerce.