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Iran trucks in the distance

Spike in Iran trade volumes as TIR smooths regional transit

14 Sep 2017

Iran’s increasingly significant role as a transit country linking Europe, Central Asia and the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) countries, is highlighted by recent increases in volumes of TIR operations.

Figures released by Iran's Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (IRMTO) show an increase of 25% in goods transit this year.

Emphasising the importance of TIR in facilitating trade, and Iran’s strategic location as a transit country, the IRMTO underlined that the figures also relate to the movement of goods from several neighbouring countries passing through Iranian territory. 

Iran’s efforts to modernise its transport and transit systems through digital TIR tools, in particular with its participation in the eTIR pilot project with Turkey last year, show further potential for growth.

The news follows key regional developments, which increase the spotlight on Iran: the recent addition of India to the TIR network and likely activation of the INSTC; the imminent accession of Iraq to the TIR Convention; and the implementation of TIR in Pakistan and UAE, with corresponding prospects for transit through Iran. 

IRU’s work in the region includes a Memorandum of Understanding signed last year with IRMTO, which consolidated efforts to develop trade and transport corridors passing through Iran, while promoting training and capacity building on road transport, road safety and security.