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Social distancing guidelines issued for a safe and green recovery
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Social distancing guidelines issued for a safe and green recovery

2 Jun 2020 · People

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged bus and coach operators and redefined the notion of safety culture on our roads. As countries around the world are now gradually lifting restrictions, passenger transport companies are implementing measures to protect their drivers and passengers.

To support the implementation of such measures, IRU has issued guidelines on deconfinement and social distancing for collective passenger transport.

Social distancing in buses and coaches 

One of IRU’s recommendations was to take into consideration the composition and dynamics of passenger groups, when drafting the recovery guidelines for tourism and transport. As a result, the safe distancing guideline now specifies that family members should be able to sit next to each other and travel together. 

Driving a green recovery

The ‘new normal’ in the industry also means that individual users will have to adapt their behaviour when making use of collective passenger transport. 

The risk: people using more private passenger cars, which will exacerbate congestion and environmental issues.

To regain trust in the road passenger transport system, IRU has called on countries worldwide to establish a balanced framework, fostering a gradual return to normal operations. The uptake of collective passenger transport rather than private car use is key to a green recovery.

2 Jun 2020
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