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Argentina meeting
Buenos Aires

President of Argentina and IRU discuss trade facilitation and competitiveness

15 Dec 2017

President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and Transport Minister, Guillermo Dietrich, recently met with leadership from IRU and its member association FADEEAC, to discuss Argentina’s accession to the TIR Convention, trade facilitation and competitiveness. 
President Macri congratulated IRU and FADEEAC on their joint efforts to improve road transport and boost regional and global trade. 
IRU President, Christian Labrot, later addressed FADEEAC’s Federal Congress on the benefits of IRU and FADEEAC working cooperatively in the Americas to improve road transport operations, the professionalisation of the industry and facilitating international commerce. 
With Argentina moving quickly to ratify the TIR Convention, Mr Labrot highlighted the major benefits TIR will bring to border crossings at the regional level as well as on a global scale.  During his presentation and in meetings with FADEEAC leadership, he showcased how working together in the Americas can improve road transport operations, increase efficiency with expedited processing at ports of entry, and boost trade.
Mr Labrot concluded his visit to Argentina by warmly congratulating FADEEAC and its members for celebrating its 50th anniversary and for their work in providing excellence and professionalism in national and international road transport in Argentina and beyond.