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Portugal accedes to e-CMR
Europe | Lisbon

Portugal accedes to e-CMR

7 Oct 2019

As a result of intense advocacy work at international and national level, spearheaded by the IRU and its member ANTRAM, the Portuguese government acceded to the e-CMR protocol last week, on 26 September. 

A sign of the country’s intentions to move towards a fully paperless transport operation, Portugal’s government has acceded to e-CMR. The e-CMR protocol enables transport operators, drivers and shipment companies to use an electronic format of the traditionally paper-based CMR consignment note.  

Accession to e-CMR provides Portuguese companies with national benefits, including greater control of shipments, increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

IRU will continue to work closely with its members to allow for the transport sector to reap the benefits of e-CMR as fast as possible.