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More clarity on road transport issues required in case of “no-deal” Brexit

19 Dec 2018

The European Commission will ensure a transition period of nine months for bilateral UK road transport operations in case of a “no-deal” Brexit scenario. However, reciprocity is needed from the UK side in order for these EU measures to enter into force. 

The communication was made today by the European Commission announcing preparations in the eventuality of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement in place. Measures are listed for a number of economic sectors, including road freight transport, logistics and customs clearance. 
Matthias Maedge, who leads IRU’s work in the EU, comments: “As a priority, IRU would still like to see the UK accepting the draft Withdrawal Agreement. This would open the door for the preparation of the future relationship agreement between the EU and the UK and would be the most beneficial solution for the road freight transport and logistics sector on both sides of the Channel and for future trade and transport relationships. The unilateral offer for a short transition period for road haulage operations and customs procedures is a positive signal, but does not go far enough. More aspects would need to be covered and the UK would also have to reciprocate these measures in order to avoid distortions of competition.”
IRU invites the Commission to extend its contingency planning work to other road transport or related domains, including in the field of road passenger transport by bus and touring coach. Additional clarity on what could happen after the transitionary measures expire is also expected by the road transport industry.