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european commission

IRU urges no further delay to Mobility Package

23 May 2017

New rules on the posting of workers, expected in the upcoming European Commission Mobility Package, must be specifically designed for the transport sector, be clear and easily enforceable. Enforcement of the new rules should be intelligence-based, utilising the expanded use of digital transport documents and the electronic exchange of information.

Matthias Maedge, who leads IRU’s work in the European Union, said, “We urgently need sector-specific rules on the posting of workers. Discussions on thresholds should not distract from the importance of the Mobility Package. The real added value comes from sector-specific rules, evidence-based enforcement and digital transport documents.”

Matthias Maedge, continued, “It is unfair to try to discredit the Mobility Package over details and an artificially constructed debate on road safety or more driving. IRU will continue to be an honest broker during the legislative process.”

IRU’s Position on the posting of workers highlights that the road transport operators most negatively affected by the administrative burden of different minimum wage laws across the European Union are small and medium sized businesses. International coach tourism operators are also particularly affected by national minimum wage rules. The Mobility Package must distinguish between freight and passenger transport needs.