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IRU takes the lead on the future of taxis

8 Nov 2018

Building on past success, the IRU International Taxi Forum gathered again, for its 8th edition. Taxi professionals from around the world discussed growth opportunities for the taxi sector and the need for a regulatory environment that fosters fair and efficient competition.

Raluca Marian, the new lead of IRU’s work on passenger transport including taxis, said: “Customers expectations to have taxi services available at the touch of their phone enabled the emergence of different players in a complex market.” 

She added, “Fairness and safety must be at the core of all mobility services. IRU is best placed to bring all stakeholders – taxi companies, apps, start-ups and all taxi-related businesses - around the table to find solutions together and improve or trigger rules which increase the potential success to all players in this sector.“ 

The IRU International Taxi Forum examined the opportunities brought by market changes and emerging business models driven by shifting customer behaviour. Speakers highlighted the taxi industry’s role in new mobility schemes such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), which aims at offering the traveller customised mobility solutions. Vehicles innovations - such as safety features and automation - and the readiness of urban mobility systems to seize these developments were also debated.

Christian Holzhauser, President of IRU’s Taxi Group, said, “The taxi industry’s future is today which is both exciting and challenging. This year’s edition of IRU’s International Taxi Forum showed once again the sector’s efforts in embracing new technologies and in continuously improving its services to customers. Legislation must, however, also keep up the pace with change and ensure clear rules for mobility service providers and intermediaries. As demonstrated by the success of the event, IRU can unite and lead the European taxi industry in these challenging times.

He continued, “IRU's Taxi Group is committed to grow and all players in this market are welcome to join. Together, we are stronger.”

With over 300 participants from 35 countries, the Forum has established itself as a leading global discussion platform for taxi issues and the go-to networking event during Europe’s largest taxi-focused trade fair.