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IRU tackles transport security with new online course

IRU tackles transport security with new online course

16 Oct 2017

Cargo theft is one of the top threats to the supply chain, hitting road transport and drivers especially hard as cargo is most vulnerable while in transit. IRU Academy’s new online course, Secure road transport for drivers, provides drivers with effective ways to reduce risks for themselves and for their load.

The course is being launched in partnership with the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), and will help minimise the risk of cargo theft and security breaches throughout transport operations. The training includes smart route planning, systematic controls during loading and unloading, and safe behaviour during short and long stops.

While the focus is on cargo theft, the programme also covers related security risks such as illegal immigration and smuggling.

It can be accessed online or downloaded from any device and takes an hour to complete. Pre-registration is now open.