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ITF 2018
Global | Leipzig

IRU drives debate on secure trade and decarbonisation at annual summit

23 May 2018

IRU tackles trade facilitation, decarbonisation, safety and Brexit at annual International Transport Forum transport summit in Leipzig.

IRU’s longstanding partnership with ITF continues today at the 2018 ITF Summit, which gathers international transport heads to focus on “Transport Safety and Security”. The event follows the recent undertaking by IRU together with ITF Secretary General, Young Tae Kim, to reinforce collaboration on leading transport issues.

The summit invites specific input from IRU on safety, the efficient and reliable movement of goods and decarbonisation. IRU is also taking part in sessions relating to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a SuM4All Consortium meeting and is meeting with a UK government representative on Brexit.

Speaking on secure and efficient international road transport and supply chains respectively, IRU President Christian Labrot highlights the use of tried and tested UN conventions, such as TIR, which has avoided a single security incident since its inception. 

He further underlines the potential of TIR’s digital capabilities to maximise the secure flow of goods across borders – with real-time data sharing providing a failsafe means for relevant authorities to oversee transport operations. e-CMR is another compelling tool to fast-track digital logistics and supply chain efficiency.

“In a globalised economy, commercial road transport plays an irreplaceable role connecting every business in every region.” Mr Labrot says. “We therefore need to work on removing barriers – such as lapses in security and costly waiting periods at borders – and we have at our disposal tried and tested UN Conventions, which enhance safe and secure freight transport and thus facilitate trade.”

The summit also addresses decarbonisation. Speaking at a ministerial meeting and also at a special session which looks at the work completed to date on the ITF Decarbonising Transport project, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto says, 
“Governments should make evidence-based policy decisions related to the decarbonisation of transport. IRU strongly supports the work of the ITF on emissions in general and specifically the Decarbonising Transport study.”

IRU’s partnership with ITF on its Decarbonising Transport project was established in 2016 to help the transport sector meet its obligations as part of the global Paris Agreement to tackle climate change.