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IRU Board acts on accountability, structure and strategy
Global | Geneva

IRU Board acts on accountability, structure and strategy

22 Jun 2018

Meeting yesterday in Geneva, IRU’s main governing board, the Presidential Executive, has made significant decisions on further measures to reinforce accountability and transparency, finalise the restructuring of historical investments, and moving forward on the organisation’s long term strategy.
Building on measures to improve governance and accountability already implemented over the past four years, the Board approved the creation of a new audit committee. In addition, it also approved a new anti-bribery policy and a new whistle blower policy. 
The agreement between IRU and other parties to historical investments was also finalised by the Board. This Memorandum of Understanding is an important step to finalise the restructuring plan presented to IRU members at the General Assembly last month. This marks a significant move forward in clearing-up the structural and financial legacies from the past.
Looking ahead, IRU’s ongoing strategic project to reform and reshape the organisation was also at the heart of the Board’s discussions. The project’s four task forces – on the Academy, advocacy, passenger transport, and TIR and transit systems – reported on progress. 
The Board is heavily involved in the work of the taskforces, which is crucial in bringing strong customer and market insights into IRU’s offerings, and fostering a culture of innovation so that IRU becomes sustainable, remains relevant but more importantly leads the transformation of mobility and logistics. 
The task forces will continue working through the coming months, aiming to engage IRU members as much as possible. Your views and involvement in this strategic project are very important so that we can, together, prepare the groundwork and shape IRU’s future success. Task force progress will also be reported to members at the next statutory meetings and General Assembly, in Muscat, Oman in November, just ahead of the IRU World Congress. 
An exciting programme and speakers have already been confirmed. The Congress will offer you – as well as your members and partners – a unique perspective on the challenges of our industry, and how to seize new opportunities to prosper in the logistics, transport, trade and mobility sectors of tomorrow.
If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to encourage your colleagues, members and partners to register for the IRU World Congress in Oman! Early bird rate closes on 29 June 2018.

Christian Labrot
IRU President