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Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport changes gear

30 May 2017

IRU’s Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport (GPST) initiative, established by IRU and the UN Global Compact in 2015, will be headed by Jens Hügel, currently IRU’s Head of Sustainable Transport, from 1 June.

With more than 16 years of experience at IRU, including nine years in sustainable mobility and building relationships with the United Nations and international organisations, Jens Hügel takes the reigns of GPST at an important time with the UN’s 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals moving ahead quickly.

Transport, and the transport industry, will play an important role in delivering many of the sustainable development goals. IRU is committed to continue bringing a wide range of stakeholders together, through the GPST, to advance sustainable mobility across the globe.

Mr Hügel takes over from Igor Runov, who previously led GPST in his role as IRU Under Secretary General and head of its delegation to the United Nations in New York. Mr Runov announced his departure to IRU members at the organisation’s recent General Assembly.

IRU will continue to provide GPST support, funding and hosting services, in conjunction with the platform’s members and partners, particularly the platform’s founding partner, the UN Global Compact, and two other major partners the International Chamber of Commerce, and UN-Habitat. In particular, Mr Hügel will be assisted by Marie-Helène Vanderpool and Milana Parshina from IRU’s New York team, along with other IRU experts in Geneva and elsewhere.