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Vietnam is on course to accede to TIR

25 Jul 2018

IRU and Vietnam Customs agree a joint action plan supporting Vietnam’s accession to the TIR Convention. 

The action plan, agreed today in Hanoi, includes a capacity building workshop on TIR for all interested parties from Vietnam among other practical steps. 

Intermodal, tried and tested, and cost effective: TIR can support South East Asia to enhance wider regional policies and improve economic development. TIR works equally well in developed, developing, least developed and land locked countries, which is essential for this diverse region.

China’s activation of TIR and Vietnam’s forthcoming accession to the Convention will likely kick-start improved trade flows between the two nations, in particular at borders. 

During the meeting with transport authorities and the private sector, the lack of common guarantee mechanisms in South East Asia was cited as a key stumbling block, which puts the spotlight on TIR as an obvious solution.  

The meetings this week continue longstanding cooperation, with a milestone reached last year when IRU and Vietnam Customs signed an agreement framing the current action plan. 

Vu Thi Mai, Vice Minister of Finance, briefed IRU on Vietnam’s policies on trade facilitation and welcomed the plan. She expressed appreciation of IRU`s cooperation and support and called on IRU to share knowledge extensively to enable the Vietnam Government to make its final decision on accession to TIR as soon as possible. 


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The development of trade in South East Asia will be discussed at the IRU World Congress, which will take place in Muscat, Oman from 6-8 November. If you would like to join the debate, register here.

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