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Unlocking potential: IRU hosts coaching event for international Geneva
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Unlocking potential: IRU hosts coaching event for international Geneva

29 May 2024 · Corporate

In celebration of International Coaching Week, IRU opened its doors to the international Geneva community, hosting an engaging event on coaching for international workers and organisations.

IRU embraces various coaching methods to support its staff develop and grow professionally and steer the organisation towards excellence, performance and well-being.

To help other international organisations benefit from coaching, IRU, together with the International Coaching Federation Switzerland, organised a coaching event specifically designed for international workers and organisations at IRU’s premises. Delegates from various international organisations as well as professional coaches attended the session.

This collaborative event, held during the globally celebrated International Coaching Week, highlighted the transformative power of coaching.

IRU Director of Human Resources Katie Klein, who became a certified coach in 2008 before qualifying as a Master Coach in Leadership and Communication in December 2022 and spearheading the integration of a coaching culture at IRU, highlighted the positive influence of coaching on an organisation in her opening remarks.

“Coaching is the fastest way to influence an organisation’s culture so that it increases its autonomy and accountability, and, ultimately, drive for results. I’m really proud to be hosting this event on International Coaching Week, proving that IRU is fully dedicated to fostering a coaching culture and looking to share the benefits of coaching with other organisations.”

IRU hosts coaching event for international Geneva

The event opened with Diego Raiteri, President of the International Coaching Federation. Diego Raiteri was followed by three dynamic speakers, Saba Imru-Mathieu, Dana L. Walden and Manuela Morelli. The speakers uncovered best practices and approaches to tackling current challenges in the international workspace.

Common challenges that coaching can help with in international workplaces include managing stress, building resilience, fostering intercultural relations, leading in times of crisis, and promoting sustainable leadership.

Each speaker brought a unique blend of coaching and international setting experience. They shared valuable coaching insights and practical tips for individuals and organisations to foster a thriving international, multicultural workplace.

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