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TIR central to China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative

9 Nov 2016

Horasis China summit, held in Interlaken, has highlighted IRU and the role of TIR in helping the “One Belt One Road” project. The Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Geng Wenbing, referred to IRU in his opening remarks, welcoming the presence of IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, and referring to earlier bilateral meetings to discuss cooperation.  

Gathering together over 300 high level participants from governments, companies and institutions to exchange ideas and share knowledge, Horasis provides a platform to identify relevant business issues and develop sophisticated and interdisciplinary solutions to current global challenges.

With the focus on TIR implementation and trade, Umberto de Pretto co-chaired the forum, leading a number of key sessions, including ‘Mapping China's Trade’ and the plenary session, ‘One Belt One Road: catalysing common growth’.

Independent bilateral meetings included those with the Ambassador, with the Chairman of Horasis, Dr Frank-Jurgen Richter, and with the Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Federation of Industrial Economics, XIONG Meng.

UDP at Horasis
UDP at Horasis