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Some progress, but clarity still needed: Mobility Package 1
EU | Brussels

Some progress, but clarity still needed: Mobility Package 1

15 Sep 2022 · People

Taking stock of the progress made, key road transport players participated in the fifth IRU workshop on the enforcement of the EU’s Mobility Package 1. The workshop built on IRU’s continuous work to bring clarity to enforcement since the Package’s adoption two years ago and since the last set of Mobility Package 1 rules became applicable several months ago.

The workshop was timely, taking place just a few days before the publication of an important set of clarifications provided by the European Commission on the return of the vehicle to its home base. 

Transport operators, authorities and enforcers present at the IRU event emphasised the progress that has been made with the application of the Mobility Package 1 rules. However, they stressed several points that require further clarification, including the critical point on whether trailers and semi-trailers fall outside the scope of the return of the vehicle rule. 

“Most of the EU’s Mobility Package 1 proposals are now in effect but we still need clarifications on several issues,” said Raluca Marian, IRU EU Advocacy Director. 

“We are in unison with our members, transport operators, enforcement authorities and the European Commission that several provisions in the EU’s package still need clear interpretation, such as the cabotage rules or the posting of coach drivers outside of their home country. 

“On the return of the vehicle to its home base, we welcome the European Commission’s questions and answers published this week, and, in particular, the clarification that this does not include trailers and semi-trailers. IRU and the road transport sector look forward to continue working on the remaining points with the European Commission.

“The most critical aspect, unanimously acknowledged by participants, remains transposition of the new posting of drivers rules at the national level and proper communication of this information to stakeholders.”

The fifth IRU workshop on the enforcement of Mobility Package 1 took place in Brussels, held virtually and in person, on 8 September 2022. The event was attended by IRU members, transport federations and corporations, as well as the European Commission, EC services and the European Labour Authority.

IRU will continue to share updates with its members and the wider road transport community on the implementation of the EU’s Mobility Package 1.

What is the EU’s Mobility Package 1?

The EU’s Mobility Package 1 encompasses several pieces of legislation which EU legislators, the European Parliament and the European Council negotiated and adopted as a package in August 2020. They cover key aspects of the road transport sector which have in common a strong social element.

Up-to-date information on enforcement is available on IRU’s Mobility Package 1 portal.