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Astana at night

President of Kazakhstan highlights road transport for welfare of economy and society

21 Dec 2016

“25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” medals have been awarded to IRU member, Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazATO), with President Makhsat Saktaganov and Secretary General Theodor Kaplan, receiving recognition for their contributions to the creation and development of road transport in Kazakhstan and beyond.

Following a decree by the President of Kazakhstan, this distinguished state award celebrates – at the highest level – road transport’s pivotal role with respect to the economy and society as a whole.

On behalf of all its members, IRU congratulates Makhsat Saktaganov and Theodor Kaplan for this achievement, which provides renewed inspiration and motivation for all those involved in the road transport sector.

KAZATO President, Makhsat Saktaganov, and Secretary General, Theodor Kaplan, received medals