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Нехватка водителей: как справиться с этой проблемой
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Navigating your way through driver shortages

24 Nov 2022 · People

Amid the ongoing global driver shortage, it has never been more important to manage, retain and, when possible, hire drivers. To do so, leading companies understand that they need to be an employer of choice.

The road transport sector is suffering from a chronic shortage of drivers.

Operators worldwide report difficulties hiring drivers. To meet demand the best they can, they must rely on their current talent pool, look for qualified foreign drivers, and attract new drivers, such as young people and women.

This means that human resource managers need to continuously assess their driver pool, recruit suitable candidates, offer targeted training, and recognise outstanding professionalism.

IRU RoadMasters provides a complete solution to help operators navigate through the shortage. It’s designed to assist companies in managing their risks and optimising their talent with driver skills profiling.

Without objective benchmarks, companies end up relying on poor subjective information. RoadMasters equips operators with sophisticated analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions, including identifying best performers when recruiting, and providing targeted training.

RoadMasters’ dashboards – available at the company, business unit, geographical and driver level – present real-time snapshots, allowing operators to pin down inefficiencies.

Companies can assess their existing talent pool based on international standards and offer them more career and upskilling opportunities, as well as empower drivers who excel by making them mentors and coaches.

With RoadMasters, companies can establish a culture of excellence and offer an internationally recognised proof of appreciation.

Overcome stereotypes with data

Like many sectors, there are numerous misperceptions surrounding road transport. As Jorge Cima, Head of Active Employment Policy Programmes at ALSA, puts it, “there is still a perception that commercial driving is a ‘man’s world’, with many thinking that women drivers are worse than men.”

But with access to analytics and assessments tools, operators can overcome stereotypes and objectively evaluate their drivers without any biases.

“Our experience proves that women are very much fit for the job. Women are demonstrating similar or superior performance indicators,” said Jorge Cima.

Misconceptions are not limited to women. The same stands true for young drivers. There is a common perception that younger drivers are less safe, even though professional drivers aged 25 or below have similar safety performance scores than the overall commercial driver population.

Equipped with objective information, operators can overcome misperceptions and build their talent pool.


IRU RoadMasters is available in multiple languages, including Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.


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