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Learning from past crises: the EU’s new Contingency Plan for Transport
EU | Brussels

Learning from past crises: the EU’s new Contingency Plan for Transport

25 May 2022 · Prosperity

The European Commission this week published its long-awaited Contingency Plan for Transport, with a ten-point toolbox of measures to guide EU institutions and Member States in safeguarding the free movement of people and goods during major crises.

Raluca Marian, IRU’s Director EU Advocacy said, “This document is very timely, following the two major ongoing crises we have experienced, and learned from, over the past two years: COVID-19 and Ukraine.”

IRU welcomed the European Commission’s receptiveness to road transport industry calls for concrete measures to prevent the collapse of logistics chains during the pandemic, including effective measures such as Green Lanes for commercial transport. 

It is important for future crises that these successful actions are not forgotten. To this end, the Contingency Plan draws important lessons from recent and ongoing crises. 

Raluca Marian added, “Beyond the Commission’s action, and aware of the limitations of its power to act, we hope that Member States will better cooperate and implement EU guidance at national and regional levels. 

“In the past, the lack of local harmonisation often hindered the effectiveness of good EU measures, such as Green Lanes or certificates for professional drivers. This should be avoided in the future,” she concluded.