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truck on road approaching moose crossing sign

Leading research institute for road safety joins IRU

25 Apr 2017

The RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) – an international, non-profit research institute based in Borås, Sweden – brings a new focus on road safety to the IRU membership.

Founded in 1997, RISE is a network of Swedish research and technology organisations, which perform industrial and innovation research related to road safety and transport. Its expertise ranges from mechanical risks to measurement technology and fire protection, working with testing, inspection, calibration and certification.

AstaZero, which is the world’s first full-scale testing environment for future road safety, is also part of RISE. This facility tests advanced safety systems and their function for all kinds of traffic and traffic situations, enabling research, development and certification of future road safety systems. It functions within the international arena supporting manufacturers, suppliers, legislators and academia around the world.

AstaZero’s core services include helping clients analyse and draw conclusions from results by supplying research engineers and technicians with information that can assist in testing, development and research projects related to road safety. It aims to create an even higher level of analytical expertise within Sweden’s automotive industry, benefiting international customers looking to test all aspects of road safety in one single location.

In 2015, RISE hosted the IRU Commission for Road Safety and the IRU Commission on Technical Affairs meetings in Borås, Sweden and looks to continue its close collaboration with these working groups.