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IRU demonstrates strong North American ties

10 Oct 2016

IRU continues to strengthen its North American ties, bringing three trucking associations together, under the IRU banner, to focus on the impact of economic, political, and social trends in the region.

The goal is to support innovation in goods transport, and to strengthen collaboration on expansion initiatives, to promote growth and efficiency.  

With the support and encouragement of IRU, the national freight member in Mexico, CANACAR, invited the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) to participate in the recent 2016 edition of CANACAR’s National Convention in Mexico.

IRU staff held meetings with CANACAR to discuss participation in IRU led commercial initiatives, such as the IRU PTV route planner, while generating interest from both ATA and CTA in IRU’s expansion in North America.  All three associations have offered their full support for creating North American programmes led by IRU in the region.  A key goal for the IRU is to further develop commercial opportunities that can benefit its members.

The CANACAR National Convention set the stage for the North American trucking leaders to meet again at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas in October.