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IRU calls for balanced EU framework on platforms displaying travel options
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IRU calls for balanced EU framework on platforms displaying travel options

28 Aug 2023 · People

While the European Commission is still considering the best option for an EU framework to govern multimodal digital mobility services (MDMS), the road passenger sector is calling for an overarching relinking system to connect MDMS platforms and transport operators, with clear obligations regarding the listing of transport options.

In a letter to EU Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean, IRU welcomed the European Commission's initiative to establish an affordable MDMS system that enhances passenger benefits. 

However, depending on the design of the future EU framework, the obligations imposed on transport companies by future MDMS rules may empower road transport companies or, to the contrary, condemn them to becoming subcontractors, threaten their activities and, ultimately, drive them out of business.

IRU Director of EU Advocacy Raluca Marian said, “An EU initiative is necessary to enable a functional MDMS ticketing system. However, in principle, it should be limited to the governance of metasearch platforms which simply display travel options. 

“When it comes to actual ticket sales, which is central to business risks and survival, the EU intervention should be limited to restraining MDMS platforms with market power from rejecting or mistreating transport companies willing to use them.” 

Read more about IRU’s call in the letter to Commissioner Vălean.