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Improve EU passenger rights with more practical bus and coach rules
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Improve EU passenger rights with more practical bus and coach rules

13 Feb 2024 · People

IRU’s EU passenger transport members have approved the organisation’s position on the EU Passenger Mobility Package.

IRU members have called for key modifications to improve the European Commission's Passenger Mobility Package, enhancing passenger rights and making the plans more practical for bus and coach operators to implement.

The Commission’s Package, a series of proposals to improve passenger rights and information across all modes of transport, including multimodal journeys and package tourism, were announced in November last year and will be assessed by the European Parliament and Council in the coming months.

With road transport a key component of most intermodal passenger journeys, bus and coach operators across the EU will be crucial to implementing new and revised laws that will eventually stem from the Package.  

IRU EU Director of Advocacy Raluca Marian said, “The Passenger Mobility Package needs to be adapted to the practicalities of the European bus and coach sector, which is primarily composed of small and medium-sized firms. This will improve consumer protection, while at the same time providing clarity and legal certainty for both operators and passengers.”

In the newly adopted position paper, IRU calls for key changes. Firstly, simplifying reimbursement and compensation procedures, including easing the requirement to process customer forms in every EU language.  

Secondly, onerous service quality reporting requirements should be avoided. Strengthening information provision on passenger rights alongside a standard complaints form would more effectively support passenger rights.

Thirdly, IRU calls for clarification on the relationship between transport operators and intermediaries or contracting carriers. In particular, the responsibility for missed connections should rest with intermediaries or contracting carriers when tickets are sold through them, rather than individual transport operators. This principle also applies to obligations regarding information provision and connecting times.

Fourthly, the 25% down payment limit for travel packages should be removed. Temporary vouchers should be allowed in exceptional circumstances to alleviate financial burdens on tour organisers and transport operators.

IRU will continue to monitor the proposals as they move through the legislative process.

13 Feb 2024
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