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Five new forward-looking projects on IRU’s innovation agenda

11 Dec 2018

IRU’s Research and Innovation team is part of the winner consortia of five new European funded projects continuing to ensure that the road transport industry is at the forefront of innovation.

New projects on automation, disruptive technologies, urban road-space planning and management, career paths for professional drivers and hydrogen trucks were added to IRU Projects’ agenda in the second half of this year.

ARCADE’s objective is to ensure that connected automated technologies are deployed in a coordinated and harmonised manner to pave the way for the implementation of safe and connected automated driving in Europe. 

Tackling truck emissions, H2Haul will develop 16 prototypes of long-haul hydrogen fuel cell trucks alongside with high-capacity hydrogen refueling stations. The new vehicles and infrastructure will be tested for two years in real-world commercial operations.

Steer2Career explores methods to overcome professional driver shortages and render the profession more attractive by focusing on career growth opportunities for experienced workers. 

Focusing on urban environments, MORE looks at how to improve the road-space use of the main corridors along the Trans-European Transport network with the help of big data and vehicle and infrastructure technologies. 

GECKO aims to take stock of the existing disruptive technologies and new mobility trends and recommend regulatory approaches to cover all mobility services.