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First TIR transport along new corridor from Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan via Uzbekistan and Afghanistan
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First TIR transport from Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan, via Uzbekistan and Afghanistan

27 May 2021 · Prosperity

A truck run by Uzbek TIR carrier Asad Trans Logistics has transported tanned leather from Kyrgyzstan via Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to Pakistan, using this corridor for the first time. The corridor is now fully operational under TIR, boosting security for transport and trade in the region.

This transport follows two successful TIR movements from Pakistan to Uzbekistan by Afghan and Pakistani operators.

Moving goods along this route will give Uzbek companies access to Pakistani and global markets via the port of Karachi in southern Pakistan. TIR is once again demonstrating its value, boosting trade by transforming landlocked countries, or in the case of Uzbekistan double landlocked countries, into land-linked trading nations with access to international ports. 

The countries along the corridor and their businesses will also benefit from TIR, with a boost to secure and legal trade, and cost and time reductions for transport operators and shippers.  

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