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EURO VII debate must keep internal combustion engine on the table

27 Nov 2020 · Environment

A coalition of transport and energy stakeholders has written to the European Commission voicing concerns about the way that DG GROW’s Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) is planning the Euro 7/VII standard.

Along with IRU, the coalition includes the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), FuelsEurope and the Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA).

The letter calls for:

  • Clearly defined objectives for new Euro 7/VII regulations,
  • New pollutant emission targets that are commensurate with needs and cost‐effective, 
  • Consideration for changes to pollutant emission test procedures that, on their own, could achieve a proportionate impact on air quality where needed, and that
  • The Euro 7/VII AGVES works with a transparent data‐driven process that allows stakeholders sufficient time to analyse new proposals and collect input for evidence‐based responses. 

“The European Commission must not use Euro 7/VII as a pretext to phase out combustion engines, which will continue to play a key role for commercial vehicles using low carbon fuels in the long term,” said Raluca Marian, IRU’s General Delegate to the EU. 

“Zero pollution or zero emissions measured only at the tailpipe will not solve the CO2 emissions problem and a more comprehensive well-to-wheel approach is needed for the definition of globally applicable standards,” she added. 

27 Nov 2020
Advocacy, Decarbonisation