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Erman Ereke takes over as IRU’s General Delegate in Istanbul
Türkiye | Istanbul

Erman Ereke takes over as IRU’s General Delegate in Istanbul

31 May 2022 · Corporate

Erman Ereke has taken the reigns of IRU’s regional office in Istanbul, Turkey for the Black Sea region today.

With almost 14 years of road transport experience, and a solid understanding of IRU and its members in the region, Erman Ereke is in a unique position to drive IRU’s work around the Black Sea. 

From today he leads IRU’s Permanent Delegation, its official representation office, in Istanbul where he will promote IRU’s regional activities concerning TIR & Transit, Advocacy, and Certification & Standards. 

Erman Ereke has a diploma in Economics from Trakya University in Turkey. He also studied business administration and marketing in Chicago and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University.

This international education took Erman Ereke to IRU member UND, Turkey’s International Transporters Association, where he worked for 11 years leading projects on a wide range of issues including border crossing transactions, customs issues and road transport laws and regulations. 

In October 2019, he joined IRU in Istanbul as a business development executive. Since then, he has steered IRU’s external relations with key partners in the region, with a particular focus on easing trade barriers, advancing trade facilitation and the TIR system. 

Erman Ereke takes over as IRU’s General Delegate in Istanbul

“With extensive experience of IRU and the road transport sector in Turkey and its neighbours in the Black Sea region and beyond, Erman is very well placed to take over this important leadership role,” said Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General. “His deep understanding of the issues and ability to find practical solutions, especially for cross-border transport in the region, will be crucial to continue supporting our members and the wider road transport sector.”

Erman Ereke takes over from Adrian Albu, who was IRU’s General Delegate in Istanbul from 2016. The two formed a close working relationship over the past three years, with a particular focus on this leadership transition. At the May meeting of the IRU General Assembly, the IRU family around the world thanked and praised Adrian Albu for his long career dedicated to serving the road transport industry and wished him a very long, joyful retirement.