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The TIR system is primed to elevate the efficiency and security of China’s trade with its neighbours and beyond.
People's Republic of China | Geneva

China's trade body eyes TIR for faster and more secure commerce

21 Jun 2024 · Prosperity

The TIR system is primed to elevate the efficiency and security of China’s trade with its neighbours and beyond.

The Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Ren Hongbin, met with IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto in Geneva to advance the use of the TIR system among China’s trade community.

CCPIT, the voice of China’s business community, sees the TIR system, which turned 75 this year, as a tried-and-tested tool that can elevate the efficiency and security of Chinese freight flows.

Ren Hongbin emphasised the advantages of TIR for trade with Southeast Asia, recognising its significant time and cost saving benefits. He stressed the importance of raising the profile of TIR among the trade community to unleash the untapped potential of road freight in the region. 

Umberto de Pretto added that TIR drives trade and sought CCPIT’s support in fostering greater collaboration with local and regional governments and trade communities.

With TIR accelerating delivery times and guaranteeing cargo security while minimising handling en route, IRU highlighted, in particular, the value of TIR for the transport of high-value goods, open cargo, e-commerce and dangerous goods.

The TIR system connects China with over 30 countries across Eurasia, offering more secure transport options that are over 80% faster and 50% cheaper.

Traders and operators together

IRU and CCPIT are actively working together to advance TIR in China. They held their first joint workshop for traders and transport operators in Urumqi, China, in April. The organisations plan to hold similar joint workshops in key Chinese regions to promote TIR, as well as the first TIR Logistics Hub accredited by IRU, to the trade community across China.

The two organisations signed an MoU on trade facilitation in July 2017. Both sides have agreed to renew their agreement to boost trade connectivity via road and multimodal transport and strengthen supply chain resilience with concerted efforts.

Founded in 1952, CCPIT is China’s foreign trade and investment promotion agency. The China Chamber of International Commerce, an affiliate of CCPIT, became an IRU member in 2018.