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IRU Passenger Transport Council

IRU Passenger Transport Council

Within the global bus and coach industry, the IRU Passenger Transport Council is the largest body of industry members for this sector

We defend and promote those working in this field with a focus on advocacy, knowledge-sharing, innovation, training and services.

The Passenger Transport Council:

  • Advocates by leading mobility policy proposals among decision makers at all levels, international, national and local, in close partnership with its Members worldwide

  • Innovates, thanks to the innovation laboratory and a dedicated Mobility Innovation Task Force and related studies and projects

  • Supplies training, via the global IRU Academy, together with services to fleet operators, via and in partnership with Members worldwide

Passenger Transport Council working programme

  • Monitor and analyse the development of the market, legislative and political framework for professional passenger transport by bus, coach and taxi. Make representations, in close cooperation and strict coordination with Member Associations, to national governments and international governmental organisations, such as the UN, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), ITF, EU institutions and bodies, as well as other international and regional governmental organisations and economic unions of relevance for professional passenger transport by bus, coach and taxi. Develop partnerships and alliances with relevant international non-governmental organisations to better represent the interests of professional passenger transport by bus, coach and taxi.

  • Define specific actions with a view to:

    • Promote the interests of the profession and its image

    • Develop strategies which allow the facilitation and improvement of the services offered by taxis, buses and coaches

    • Monitor the development of new markets and new mobility patterns, and take appropriate initiatives in the field of new mobility services, including integrated mobility

    • Address relevant market, business, technical and social etc. aspects of new technological developments, including automation in individual and collective transport

    • Promote co-operation and partnership with other sectors, and work towards strengthening the industry’s leadership in the field of group tourism by coach, intercity regular lines by bus and coach, and specialised transport, such as school transport

    • Exchange information on best practices between Members in the field of urban transport, including Bus Rapid Transit, as well as on any specific issue of concern for taxi operators

    • Promote the use of collective transport in home-to-work mobility, large public events and recreational travel

    • Promote harmonisation and simplification of enforcement and controls

    • Facilitate the issuing of visas to professional drivers

  • Take pro-active steps to achieve equal treatment for all modes of passenger transport in the field of taxation and a priority fiscal treatment of collective passenger transport, in particular by bus, coach and taxi, versus the use of the private car.

  • Fight against all kinds of discrimination affecting coach travel and tourism and obtain fair treatment for coaches, including in cities and at tourist destinations.

  • Promote the collection of relevant statistics on the economic and social role of bus, coach and taxi transport, and their safety and environmental performances.

  • Attract new Member Associations to join the CTP and the "Taxis and Hire-Cars with Driver" (TA) Group, to strengthen the professional industry’s pool of know-how and lobbying potential.

  • Monitor and co-ordinate the work of the IRU Group "Taxis and Hire-Cars with Driver" (TA).