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PCV driver training

PCV driver training

What is PCV driver training?

Passenger Commercial Vehicle (PCV) driver training is an essential step for individuals aspiring to become proficient in handling large vehicles, such as buses and coaches. This training is crucial in the United Kingdom and other countries, where road safety and professional competence are highly valued. At the International Road Transport Union, our focus is on equipping drivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate these vehicles safely and efficiently.

What skills are needed to train in PCV driver training?

To excel in PCV driver training, individuals need a combination of practical driving skills and theoretical knowledge. This includes mastering vehicle control, understanding road safety regulations, and developing defensive driving techniques. Our training also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high level of professional conduct, essential for those who will be responsible for passenger safety.

What is the licence category for PCV training?

PCV driver training prepares individuals for the Category D CPC, which is required to drive buses and coaches. This licence category ensures that drivers have met the rigorous standards necessary for operating large passenger vehicles. At the International Road Transport Union, our training programmes are designed to guide learners through every step of the qualification process.

How does PCV driver training work?

Our PCV driver training is structured to provide comprehensive learning experiences. It includes both theoretical lessons and practical, behind-the-wheel training. Trainees will learn about vehicle mechanics, safe driving practices, and passenger management. Our expert driving instructors provide personaliszed guidance to ensure that each trainee develops the confidence and competence needed to succeed.

How much does PCV driver training cost?

While we at the International Road Transport Union focus on providing top-notch training via our network of ATIs, specific pricing details vary from country to country. Our aim is to offer valuable educational experiences that  meet international industry standards, ensuring our trainees receive unparalleled professional development.

What is included in PCV driver training?

Our PCV driver training encompasses a range of essential topics. This includes vehicle operation, road safety regulations, emergency procedures, and passenger care. Trainees also receive unique insights into international standards and practices, preparing them for a career in a global industry. Moreover, our training programs are endorsed with unique certifications, setting graduates apart in the competitive transport sector.



At IRU, we offer a comprehensive range of driver training programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the transportation industry. Our truck driver training and lorry driver training courses are tailored for those aspiring to drive heavy goods vehicles, while our taxi driver training is perfect for individuals looking to enter the taxi service industry. For those specialising in hasardous materials transport, our tanker driver training and ADR driver training provide the necessary skills and certification. Our tachograph course ensures drivers understand and comply with tachograph regulations. We also offer PCV driver training and bus and coach driver training for those interested in passenger carrying vehicles. Our 360 driver training is ideal for operating heavy machinery. Additionally, we provide HGV driver training, LGV driver training, and C1 driver training for various commercial vehicle classes. To enhance safety, our defensive driving course is available. For specific licensing needs, we offer Cat D driver training and Cat C driver training. Our driver CPC training ensures professional competence for all drivers.

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