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ADR Driver training

What is ADR driver training?

ADR driver training, a flagship program offered by the International Road Transport Union (IRU), represents the pinnacle of professional training for drivers specializing in the transport of dangerous goods. The IRU Academy, renowned for its commitment to road safety and adherence to international industry standards, has meticulously developed this program in full compliance with the requirements of the UN Agreement for the International transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR). It not only sharpens a driver's skills in handling hasardous materials but also ingrains a deep understanding of global safety regulations and best practices.

How to register for ADR driver training?

Registration for the ADR driver training program is accessible and streamlined. Interested professional drivers must reach out to an IRU-accredited training school. These schools, spread across the globe, are part of the expansive IRU network, ensuring that high-quality training is accessible to drivers in various regions. The process is designed to be inclusive, welcoming drivers from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills under the IRU's expert guidance.

What are the admission requirements for ADR training?

The prerequisites for ADR training underscore a commitment to safety and professional excellence. Candidates are expected to have a clean driving record, demonstrating their adherence to road safety standards and hold a driving licence of the corresponding vehicle category. This prerequisite is in line with the IRU's emphasis on safety and compliance with international road safety regulations. By setting these standards, the IRU Academy ensures that its trainees are well-prepared for the rigors of handling dangerous goods on the road.

Which dangerous goods can be driven with ADR training?

Graduates of the ADR training program are qualified to transport a diverse array of dangerous goods. This includes, but is not limited to, flammable liquids, gaz, chemicals and various toxic and corrosive materials. The training equips drivers with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to transport these goods safely and in compliance with international standards, highlighting the importance of safety in the trucking industry.

How ADR training works?

Training duration

The ADR training program is comprehensive, balancing theoretical knowledge with practical, experience. This blend ensures that drivers are not only knowledgeable about the regulations and standards but also possess the hands-on skills necessary for safe transportation of hasardous materials.

Cost of training

While specific costs are not discussed, the IRU Academy is committed to making high-quality training accessible. Various training schools under the IRU umbrella may offer different financial assistance options, reflecting the Academy's dedication to fostering a skilled and diverse driver workforce.

Training assistance

The training assistance provided is extensive, encompassing a range of resources to support learners throughout their training journey. This includes educational materials, expert guidance, and comprehensive support systems, all aimed at creating a robust learning environment.

Content and testing during training

The programme is available for Packaging and Bulk and for Tank. The content of the training covers a wide range of topics, including the safe handling of dangerous goods, vehicle marking and labelling, vehicle safety checks, safe loading and cargo securing, and compliance with ADR safety standards. Rigorous testing and assessments are conducted to ensure that every driver who completes the program meets the high standards set by the IRU Academy.

What other training courses are available to complement ADR training?

In addition to ADR training, the IRU offers a variety of other training courses. These include defensive driving, CPC driver training, safe loading and cargo securing, and several others. Each program is designed to enhance the professional capabilities of drivers, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the diverse challenges of the transport industry.

How long is my ADR certificate valid?

The validity of the ADR certificate aligns with international industry standards, reflecting the dynamic nature of the transport sector. This validity period ensures that drivers remain up-to-date with evolving practices and technologies, maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism in their field.



At IRU, we offer a comprehensive range of driver training programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the transportation industry. Our truck driver training and lorry driver training courses are tailored for those aspiring to drive heavy goods vehicles, while our taxi driver training is perfect for individuals looking to enter the taxi service industry. For those specialising in hasardous materials transport, our tanker driver training and ADR driver training provide the necessary skills and certification. Our tachograph course ensures drivers understand and comply with tachograph regulations. We also offer PCV driver training and bus and coach driver training for those interested in passenger carrying vehicles. Our 360 driver training is ideal for operating heavy machinery. Additionally, we provide HGV driver training, LGV driver training, and C1 driver training for various commercial vehicle classes. To enhance safety, our defensive driving course is available. For specific licensing needs, we offer Cat D driver training and Cat C driver training. Our driver CPC training ensures professional competence for all drivers.

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