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Driver training

Driver training

What driver training programs are you looking for?

The quest for excellence in driver training is a journey that never ends. At the IRU Academy, our mission is to mold the safest, most skilled drivers on the road today. With a suite of programs tailored to every aspect of the transport sector—from ADR driver training to the meticulous demands of bus and lorry driver instruction—our offerings ensure that every professional driver not only meets but surpasses the stringent requirements of road safety and operational expertise.

And with the IRU Academy, learners are not just behind the wheel; they are behind a commitment to excellence. The comprehensive nature of our driver education courses, including the essential defensive driving course, ensures that every graduate is a paragon of driver safety, equipped with the knowledge to navigate the unpredictability of roads with assured confidence and professional acumen.

Where can you find an IRU partner for your driver training?

Recognising this, the IRU Academy has meticulously woven an international network of partners, ensuring that wherever your journey begins, a accredited IRU partner is nearby to guide you along the path of becoming a professional driver. Our partners are the bastions of the IRU standard, providing driving instruction and education programs that set the benchmark for the industry.

Whether you're seeking to enroll in a tachograph course, enhance your skills with advanced driver training, or prepare for the driving test with a comprehensive driving course, our partners are equipped to deliver top-notch education. With an IRU partner, you're not just learning to drive—you're learning how to drive safely, efficiently, and responsibly.

Safety and crash prevention: ensure your fleet rests on the path to success.

At the heart of every IRU training program lies our unwavering commitment to safety and crash prevention. From the dedicated driving school instructor to the in-depth driver training courses, every aspect of our curriculum is designed to reduce risk and protect lives. Our defensive driving courses are more than just lessons; they are life-saving interventions that prepare drivers for the road-test of daily operations, ingraining habits that contribute to a culture of safety across the fleet.

IRU's driver training school initiatives are the gold standard in the industry, serving as a beacon of excellence for commercial driver education. We understand that a driver's education course is the cornerstone of a professional driver's career, and we treat it with the gravity it deserves. From the moment you enroll, through every behind-the-wheel training session, IRU is there to ensure your driving experience sets you apart as a beacon of driver safety.

All our driver certificates are in compliance with international industry standards.

Completion of an IRU driver training course signifies more than the achievement of mastering driving techniques; it is a symbol of dedication to upholding the highest standards of road safety and compliance. Our internationally recognised certificates serve as a testament to the professional caliber of the bearer—proof that they have undergone the most rigorous training available, for commercial trucks (HGV) and bus & coach (PCV) driver training.

These certifications are not mere documents; they are passports to a world where professional driver training is acknowledged and respected. They assure employers and authorities alike that the holder is proficient in safe driving practices and versed in the latest regulations, ready to take on the responsibilities of a professional driver in today's fast-paced transport environment.

Is it possible to become an accredited training provider?

The IRU Academy doesn't just create drivers; we create educators. Becoming an accredited training provider with the IRU means entering a select group dedicated to upholding and disseminating the standards that have made our programs the benchmark in the industry. If you represent a driving academy or a training school with a commitment to excellence and a desire to contribute to the creation of a safer, more efficient transport world, we welcome you.

Accreditation is a process that reflects our commitment to quality, consistency, and safety in driver education. As a training provider within the IRU network, you will deliver education programs that not only teach the rules of the road but also instill the values that the IRU stands for—integrity, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to safety.



At IRU, we offer a comprehensive range of driver training programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the transportation industry. Our truck driver training and lorry driver training courses are tailored for those aspiring to drive heavy goods vehicles, while our taxi driver training is perfect for individuals looking to enter the taxi service industry. For those specialising in hasardous materials transport, our tanker driver training and ADR driver training provide the necessary skills and certification. Our tachograph course ensures drivers understand and comply with tachograph regulations. We also offer PCV driver training and bus and coach driver training for those interested in passenger carrying vehicles. Our 360 driver training is ideal for operating heavy machinery. Additionally, we provide HGV driver training, LGV driver training, and C1 driver training for various commercial vehicle classes. To enhance safety, our defensive driving course is available. For specific licensing needs, we offer Cat D driver training and Cat C driver training. Our driver CPC training ensures professional competence for all drivers.

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