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Lorry driver training

Lorry driver training

What is lorry driver training?

Lorry driver training is an essential component in the road transport sector. This training involves equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge required to operate large goods vehicles (LGVs ) safely and efficiently. It's not just about learning to manoeuvre a large vehicle, but also understanding the nuances of safe driving, navigation, and adherence to international industry standards.

The International Road Transport Union offers a comprehensive approach to lorry driver training. Through the IRU Academy programmes, participants receive world-class training that not only focuses on the practical aspects of driving but also emphasises safety, environmental consciousness, and professional competence. These programmes are uniquely designed to meet the global standards of road safety regulations while catering to the specific needs of professional drivers.

What's the difference between HGV training and lorry training?

There is no difference. HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles), LGV (Large Goods Vehicles) and lorries all refer to trucks that need a specific driving license and extensive training to be driven. The difference is only terminology.

All trainings shares common elements like mastering vehicle handling, understanding the legal aspects of heavy vehicle operation, and learning about driver safety. Lorry training can also include specific manoeuvring, load management, and route planning.

How to register for lorry driver training?

To register for lorry driver training, particularly through the International Road Transport Union's programmes, prospective trainees should first identify their specific training needs. The IRU offers a wide range of specialised programmes, catering to various aspects of professional driving, including , CPC driver training, ADR driver training, defensive driving courses, and more.

Interested individuals can visit the IRU website to find more information about the available training courses. Registration  can be done by contacting the relevant IRU Accredited Training Institute. It's important to note that while IRU provides comprehensive training via its Accredited Training Institutes, including issuing of Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC), IRU does not issue driver licenses. Trainees should ensure they meet all the necessary licensing requirements in their respective countries before undertaking a driver qualification programme..

In conclusion, the International Road Transport Union's lorry driver training programmes stand as a pinnacle of professional development in the road transport industry. They offer a blend of practical skills and adherence to international standards, ensuring that each trainee is not just a driver, but a professional upholding the highest standards of road safety and efficiency.



At IRU, we offer a comprehensive range of driver training programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the transportation industry. Our truck driver training and lorry driver training courses are tailored for those aspiring to drive heavy goods vehicles, while our taxi driver training is perfect for individuals looking to enter the taxi service industry. For those specialising in hasardous materials transport, our tanker driver training and ADR driver training provide the necessary skills and certification. Our tachograph course ensures drivers understand and comply with tachograph regulations. We also offer PCV driver training and bus and coach driver training for those interested in passenger carrying vehicles. Our 360 driver training is ideal for operating heavy machinery. Additionally, we provide HGV driver training, LGV driver training, and C1 driver training for various commercial vehicle classes. To enhance safety, our defensive driving course is available. For specific licensing needs, we offer Cat D driver training and Cat C driver training. Our driver CPC training ensures professional competence for all drivers.

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