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Same service same rules, says top EU court advisor

4 Jul 2017

The European Court of Justice, ruling this week in a French case involving Uber, has backed IRU’s long-held position on fair taxi markets that provide high quality, accessible, safe and reasonably priced mobility.

The top advisor to the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), Advocate General Szpunar, says Member States may prohibit or punish the illegal exercise of transport services provided by UberPop. The outcome of this French case against the UberPop service is in line with previous opinions that Uber is a transport service provider rather than an intermediary between driver and customer – and as such should comply with the appropriate regulations.

In the vast majority of cases, opinions of the Advocate General are usually backed in the final judicial ruling by the court’s judges.

IRU backs a taxi market where all players compete on a level playing field and supports the latest ECJ opinions. All those providing similar transport services must abide by the same rules.