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Professional training for safer roads

5 May 2017

IRU highlights the impact of professional training on road safety at the 13th World Road Safety Congress in Tunis this week. With 85-90 percent of accidents involving commercial vehicles due to human error, there is strong evidence to suggest that training saves lives.

As momentum builds for the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week’s #SlowDown campaign, which kicks-off next week, IRU calls for road safety to be a key priority for the industry, and improved training to reduce the human and economic costs related to road accidents. 

Presenting the study, The Impact of Professional Training on Commercial/Freight Drivers in the Arab Region, IRU highlights the importance of appropriate legislation, enforcement of regulations, and minimum training and quality standards for the region, while noting IRU Academy’s harmonised professional qualification frameworks for commercial drivers and transport managers.

The idea of a road safety governance model based on public private partnership – with the involvement of transport operators and wider public interests – is endorsed by IRU as the most appropriate course for low and middle income countries.

Responding to the theme of "road governance and its impact on road safety" the event is jointly organised by the Tunisian Road Safety Association (ATPR) and the Ministry of Infrastructure, in line with recommendations set out in the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

The programme includes several topics related to road safety and infrastructure, with sessions dedicated to issues specific to developing countries. The focus is road education, training and behaviour.

Safety conference Tunisia 2017