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Oman to realise logistics ambitions by joining TIR
Oman | Muscat

Oman to realise logistics ambitions by joining TIR

30 Oct 2018

Oman announces today its intention to join TIR. The pending ratification of the global standard for customs transit is now poised to transform the country’s road transport, intermodal and trade potential, bringing it ever closer to becoming a major global logistics hub.

With a view to achieving the Oman Logistics Strategy, next steps after ratification are to implement TIR in order to improve the country’s soft infrastructure, support mechanisms and institutions to facilitate trade. Oman’s strategic location, suggests huge potential for trade acceleration. 

Adopting the global standard also sends a strong signal to investors, increasing their confidence in transit and trade opportunities in Oman.

Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General of IRU said, “With the IRU World Congress in Muscat taking place next week, we share a common and certain conviction with our partners in Oman that modernising road transport services and harmonising the customs procedures will offer a powerful platform to address broader issues of regional trade development, sustainability and economic growth.”

The activation of TIR will see benefits of seamless cross-border connectivity, and with Bahrain looking to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) TIR network, Oman is set to play a strategic role in lifting regional trade prospects. 

IRU will work closely with the relevant Omani agencies to develop a digital TIR system that applies the latest technologies and is at the core of efforts to ensure a transparent and more efficient supply chain. 

Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communication of Sultanate of Oman “There is no doubt that this step will improve transport services, and be a major contribution to achieving the National Logistics Strategy to facilitate sustainable trade activities and attract investment into Oman.”

GCC transport and trade prospects are taking centre stage at the 2018 IRU World Congress in Muscat next week, including a focus on new intermodal corridors that connect Africa, Asia and Europe via GCC countries using the TIR system.

Bilateral trade between Arab countries is currently as low as 10 percent, presenting the opportunity now for TIR to be adopted by every country in the region to maximise its potential for facilitating trade. 

The selection of Oman to host the IRU World Congress highlights the country’s modern transport infrastructure, its geopolitical role in the Gulf region and beyond, and its ambitious vision for growth in trade and the logistics sector, makes it an ideal venue for engaging transport and trade leaders from around the world.



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About TIR
TIR is the only global customs transit system for moving goods across international borders. Supporting trade and development for more than 60 years, TIR is governed by the United Nations TIR Convention and managed by IRU. TIR stands for “Transports Internationaux Routiers”.

About the IRU World Congress
The IRU World Congress is the new global event for road transport, mobility and logistics. It is a platform for global decision-makers to exchange ideas, debate solutions and define the future of the road transport industry. Centred on the themes of innovation and trade, it will take place at the new Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre in Muscat, from 6 to 8 November 2018.