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The need for efficient enforcement during deconfinement
Europe | Geneva

The need for efficient enforcement during deconfinement

29 May 2020 · Prosperity

Road transport is the backbone of global trade and the economy with enforcement authorities playing a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and safety on the road.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the enforcement of road transport rules has been reduced to a minimum due to many emergency measures and national exemptions on rules and regulations. This situation has led to a complicated patchwork of rules within the EU, making compliance and enforcement complex across the different Member States. 

In this context, IRU invited key EU enforcement organisations – CORTE, Euro Control Route and the European Roads Policing Network, as well as the European Transport Workers’ Federation, to work together. Our goal: create best practices for an efficient enforcement as long as temporary restrictions on the movement of people and goods remain in place. 

29 May 2020
Advocacy, Coronavirus, Trade facilitation and transit, Goods transport